B737 N1/SPD Ref. Set Switches V2

B737 N1/SPD Ref. Set Switches V2
B737 N1/SPD Ref. Set Switches V2
Brand: Anders Simparts
Product Code: 100011
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Price: 252.00 EUR
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Shipped qty is 2 (one N1 and one SPD, complete set for B737)

This switch is suitable for use in any MIP for the B737 series.

This is the new version 2 with enhanced centering mechanism. 


Most people don't even know what these switches are for. If you know what to do with them, I'm sure you know how impossible these are to find a real pair. I've never ever seen the real switches for sale. Therefor I decided to make them for myself and for the builders out there that also wants everything to be HIGHLY realistic.

About the switches, these are dual rotaryswitches. The inner switch controls which value you want to change, the outer switch changes the value selected by 1 or 10 depending on how much you turn it. First 45 degrees changes the value by 1, turn 60-95 degrees and the values changes by 10 instead. Release the switch and it will center thanks to the mechanism. This is the way the real switch works, and also how my switches work. You will find many different variants of these switches that are not accurate. Most uses encoders so you turn the outer knob to change values.



I've done a very unique design, seen at no other competitor. The switch has the exact same look as any other rotaryswitch in concern of mounting. No need to drill holes or changing anything with your MIP. Just fit them into the existing hole and tighten the lockning nut and you are ready to interface them.



I'm only using high quality parts from brands like Carling, Lorlin, Lesjofors, SKF, TDS etc. They are built to last for many years.


Tested in:


And may also work with a lot other software as well. It really depends on your choice of electronic cards.


Required for installation:

21 digital input on your I/O-card.


Cockpitbuilders thread:









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