B737 IRS Mode Selectors

B737 IRS Mode Selectors
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This switch is suitable for use in any 737 simulator. Even other Boeing simulators. Works like the real one.


The IRS switches found on AFT Overhead is used on every flight. Once you start moving it's very important that the switches is not put in an unwanted position. If you by mistake turn this switch to an unwanted postion in-flight you will lose IRS references which casues you to lose most of your navigation aids and autopilot will disengage. On ground you align the IRS when you are at the parking or gate but it's not possible in midair, you need to be statonary to ALIGN the IRS:es. So if you lose IRS alignment in-flight you will not be able to recover until you stand still on ground. These switches have extra protection against accidental selection. There are some different switches on the NG and I'm offering all of them. See the videos below and decide which option you want.

Option 3 is the most commonly found on new NG's.



I'm always trying to keep installation as simple as possible. I don't want you to cut holes in your panels so this switch is like my other products equipped with my special mounting part. You will only need to replace your standard rotary switch and move the cables onto this switch. Nothing more. Installation within 15 minutes! Does not get any easier.



As always, I'm only using high quality parts from well known manufactures.


Supported by:

Because my mechanical design does all the job on these switches without any electrical circuits they will work with any suite available.


Required for installation:

Interfacecard with 8 digital inputs



(Option 2 & 1 removed, option 3 is the the most current)

Option 3 (Found on Norwegian, TUIfly, Thompson and most other modern B738):




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